Summer holidays

Well I’m finally getting a chance to catch up with myself now that the girls have started back at school today.  It’s been a fantastic 7 weeks but I always find myself working at silly O’clock to get my work done rather during the day.  This summer’s shoots has been particularly busy and although I’ve steadily been working away, it’s all action stations this week to get caught up!!

Here’s a few sneaky peaks of the Insch family.  Karen came over from Oz to visit family here and wanted some family photo’s done 😀

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Henry, Martha and Fearne

Finally catching up with work and at last I’m on holiday this evening 😀

I had the pleasure of photographing these three beautiful children a few weeks back, they had just moved from Houston!! I think I’d still have been recovering from my move but mum was a star!! and so were Henry, Martha and Fearne 😀

The weather wasn’t as great as it is in Houston and I”m sure it’s been a while since they wore wellies!!!!

We are heading to the usual spot in Findhorn and I can’t wait!!  The plan is to take some photo’s of the girls (much to their dislike) and also to write my letter to them on the ‘Catto family’ blog.

We are going camping at the end of our week away……..I hope the weather improves!! I love camping but it’s a wee bit miserable when it’s wet :/

Anyway that’s me off for two weeks!!! And I’ll see you when I get back to reveal some more exciting news!!


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This is the 4th year I’ve taken Dylan’s photos.  Every year around his birthday I take his photo’s.  It’s amazing how much he has grown!

This year I thought we would go for a theme and take it from there.  I made my own wigwam! and a few other props and headed to the forest.

The shoot went a treat and Dylan ended up with a bit of a treat at the end………he got to keep the balloon…….only problem is how would Mum and Dad get it home……in the Mini!!! :/

Lovely to see them all again ( I also shot Danny and Donna’s wedding last year) and look forward to a cuppa and catch up when I deliver the photos.


Here’s a sneaky peek at some of Dylan’s photos 😀








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Where there’s a Will there’s a way ;)

There’s a story behind this shoot…………

Approximately 21 years ago I met a girl also called Karen.  Karen Brown……as is the usual case we lost touch after school.

Years!!! and I mean years!! later we bumped into each other again, first on Facebook then at college where Karen is now studying to be a photographer too!!

Karen kindly asked me to take her family photo’s this summer and I was only too happy to oblige 😀

My only mistake was…….I arranged our shoot in a field!!  On a very sunny day…….and to all those hay fever sufferers out there, these two don’t mix!!!

I sneezed!! And my eyes watered like nothing on earth!!!  This was the first day my hay fever had made an appearance this year and it did so with vengeance!!

We managed to get through the shoot and get some photos I hope Karen will be happy with 😀

It’s been great getting to know Karen again, she’s a lovely person and a total giggle too!!!

So here’s the Will family……..gorgeous aren’t they 😉




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So the summer holidays isn’t the easiest of times for a self-employed mum……time just seems to disappear!

It’s quite easy to find time to shoot, but the editing, blogging and paperwork are almost impossible to catch up on while wee ones are around and have the cheek to ask to be fed and watered AND entertained! ;P

It’s called for quite a few late nights and some more to come at that!!  Not that I am complaining anything but!! I love every minute of my job…….planning, shooting, editing, and even the paperwork (shh!! don’t tell anyone I’m a geek!!!) lol

I’ve become very busy lately which is fantastic and lets me know I’m doing something right 😀 I’m thrilled to have repeat customers and people recommending me.  I love that people are beginning to say ‘Oh moments photography, I’ve heard of them’ 😀 It all gives me a fantastic sense of pride.  So a huge thank you to all of you who follow, recommend and ask me to take your precious photographs!!!

I have fallen a wee bit behind in my blogging and there are shoots which I have not yet previewed!!  I’ll be catching up with those over the next week so be prepared for a few posts from me ;P

Today I met a very beautiful little girl called Emily 😀  After a wee bit of persuasion Emily was more than happy to pose for the camera!!  So Helen, here is a preview of your very beautiful little girl 😀 xx

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There’s something rather special about being asked to photograph someone’s graduation. Yesterday was no exception!!  Despite the drizzle all the graduates were in high spirits.

Two years ago I photographed Alistair’s graduation.  So I was delighted that they loved those photos so much to be asked to do Rachel’s graduation too 😀

Graduations always bring back lovely memories of my own graduation.  Fond memories of bonds you’ve made with friends during your time of studying.

Looking forward to next weeks graduation shoot!! Fingers crossed for better weather ;P


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Rain, Rain…….go away!!!

It’s the end of June and we are still dodging the rain!!!

But today!!! I was delighted to see that after 10 mins of hiding from the rain in the beautiful Pittodrie House Hotel…………the sun came out!!  I was confused at first, it’s been so long since I’d seen the big yellow circle in the sky 😛

So out came the props along with the sun, smiles and champagne and the photography for David and Kate’s wedding went like a dream 😀

I got so carried away that we were eventually called in for the bride and groom to go to get their meal! Whoops!!

I went home exhausted, with a huge smile on my face 😀 And very happy with the images that I captured today.

I was! meant to be having an easy night tonight but I just couldn’t resist editing a few………cause I’m so pleased with them 😀

Night, night folks ;P

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