So the summer holidays isn’t the easiest of times for a self-employed mum……time just seems to disappear!

It’s quite easy to find time to shoot, but the editing, blogging and paperwork are almost impossible to catch up on while wee ones are around and have the cheek to ask to be fed and watered AND entertained! ;P

It’s called for quite a few late nights and some more to come at that!!  Not that I am complaining anything but!! I love every minute of my job…….planning, shooting, editing, and even the paperwork (shh!! don’t tell anyone I’m a geek!!!) lol

I’ve become very busy lately which is fantastic and lets me know I’m doing something right 😀 I’m thrilled to have repeat customers and people recommending me.  I love that people are beginning to say ‘Oh moments photography, I’ve heard of them’ 😀 It all gives me a fantastic sense of pride.  So a huge thank you to all of you who follow, recommend and ask me to take your precious photographs!!!

I have fallen a wee bit behind in my blogging and there are shoots which I have not yet previewed!!  I’ll be catching up with those over the next week so be prepared for a few posts from me ;P

Today I met a very beautiful little girl called Emily 😀  After a wee bit of persuasion Emily was more than happy to pose for the camera!!  So Helen, here is a preview of your very beautiful little girl 😀 xx


About Karen Catto

Passionate about photography, I specialise Wedding and children's photography and am based in Aberdeen. I have recently embarked on my own fine art personal projects. I work with Aberdeen City council in delivering photography classes around the Aberdeen communities and also a part time tutor in Photography for Aberdeen college community classes. Exciting times!! and exceptionally busy doing all the things I love!! So I hope you'll join the journey with me by following my blogs!!!
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