Spring Wedding

I had a lovely time at Michelle and David’s wedding, while a wee bit windy at the church we found some shelter at the Winter Gardens.  Eventually we were lucky enough to grab a few shots outside on the bandstand!!

I’m catching up with editing and posting on my blog after the school holidays and have almost caught up with everything. Phew!!!

I wanted to share a few of my favourite shots of the day 🙂

Can’t wait til my next wedding :D……………did I ever mention how much I LOVE my job 😀


About Karen Catto

Passionate about photography, I specialise Wedding and children's photography and am based in Aberdeen. I have recently embarked on my own fine art personal projects. I work with Aberdeen City council in delivering photography classes around the Aberdeen communities and also a part time tutor in Photography for Aberdeen college community classes. Exciting times!! and exceptionally busy doing all the things I love!! So I hope you'll join the journey with me by following my blogs!!!
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4 Responses to Spring Wedding

  1. Great work, brilliant photographs. Just finished one of my wedding shoots recently, first one for me, had loads of fun. Its always special to pixelate such special day for someone.

    • Karen Catto says:

      Aw thank you 😀 Eeekk the first wedding is always the most nerve wracking!! But I still get nervous before every wedding ;P It is an honour to photograph someones wedding, I love it……….I also cry at everyone LOL. Thanks for your lovely comment 😀

      • Haha, Funny to hear you cry, hope your camera is weather proofed 😛 Bad one, anyway, my next post would be about my first experimental Pre wedding shoot for a chinese couple. Keep an eye on my blog, would love to hear from you then. Cheers 🙂

      • Karen Catto says:

        I know I’m such a softie!! LOL
        Look forward to seeing some of your wedding pics 😀

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